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Hue Jackson Deserved to be Publicly Humiliated

“It's unheard of getting fired and then coaching another team in the SAME division in the SAME year. This was just another example of Hue Jackson’s cluelessness and furthered why he should have never been hired by the Browns in the first place and why I wouldn’t touch this guy with a ten-foot pole on my coaching staff."

-- Clay Travis.

Days after the Browns demolished the freefalling Cincinnati Bengals, there has been much debate to how Cleveland handled Hue Jackson’s humbling homecoming that saw Jackson experience about as humiliating of an afternoon that a coach can ever experience.

Not only was Jackson’s new team eviscerated in a season-severing loss that saw Andy Dalton break his thumb, but Jackson was also publicly degraded by Browns players.

After another predictable Andy Dalton interception in a 28-0 game, Browns safety Damarious Randall ran over to the Cincy sideline and handed the ball to Jackson and then blew him a kiss in one of the most humiliating moments in NFL history.

At the game’s conclusion, Jackson attempted to give Baker Mayfield a hug and well wishes but was clearly dodged by Mayfield, who resisted the hug and only offered a cold handshake.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay Travis says the media needs to stop calling out the Browns for their lack of sportsmanship towards their former coach and says the team had every right to rub Jackson’s nose in the mud.

Hue Jackson Deserved to be Publicly Humiliated