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Ten-Foot Python Chomps Man’s Genitals While He Sat on Toilet

“Is this the worst Animal Thunderdome story of all time?? A poor guy named Terdsak in Thailand gets his p**** bitten and has to get 15 stitches."

-- Clay Travis.

In what could be the most notorious Animal Thunderdome in the history of the storied saga, a 45-year-old man in Thailand named Terdsak Kaewpangpan nearly had his genitals ripped off by a giant ten-foot python.

The curious serpent locked its jaws around Terdsak’s private parts which was then followed by a frantic wrestling match as the snake attempted to rip off his p**** entirely.

Terdsak was able to free himself from the python, before being rushed to the hospital where he received 15 stitches to repair the damaged appendage.

Listen to the horrifying audio below as Clay Travis tries to put himself in the poor man’s shoes, and even tries to offer to get Terdsak on the show to recall his terrible ordeal. Clay also takes calls and gets a plumber and a nurse on the phone who are familiar with the unfortunate set of circumstances that is actually a lot more common than you think.

Ten-Foot Python Tries to Tear Man’s Privates Off While He Sat on Toilet