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Joel Klatt Talks OSU-OU Debate, Alabama Bias, & Eight-Team Playoff

“I’m sick and tired of teams who haven’t won their conference championship game allowed to compete for the National Championship… the Patriots don’t get to lose the AFC Championship and still get to play in the Super Bowl. It’s an absurd and stupid standard that we allow teams to not win their conference and still compete for the biggest prize in the sport.”

-- Joel Klatt.

Fox Sports 1 college football commentator Joel Klatt joined Outkick The Coverage to talk about the upcoming conference championship games that could potentially put the playoff committee in an awfully precarious position.

Not only are they staring at the potential of two 12-1 major conference champions dueling for one final slot in the College Football Playoff, but a potentially Armageddon scenario if no. 4 Georgia were to beat no. 1 Alabama in the SEC Championship.

Alabama has been lauded by some as one of the greatest college football teams of all time, so could the committee really leave out the Crimson Tide if major underdog Georgia were to pull off the incredible upset? Joel Klatt says the doomsday scenario is a very realistic possibility, and one he’s actually predicting to happen.

Klatt also discussed the future of an eight-team playoff in the sport, and why conference championships pitting two division championships together might be the most disastrous area of the sport, as underperforming Pittsburgh, Utah, and Northwestern teams who won their divisions are set to play in massive games they don't deserve to be in.

Listen to the full interview below with Clay Travis.

Joel Klatt Talks OSU-OU Debate, Alabama Bias, & Eight-Team Playoff