Backlash Against Kareem Hunt is Being Greatly Exaggerated

"Everyone in the media would say there's nothing to be gained by talking about Kareem Hunt in a serious fashion other than saying it's awful, no team should ever sign him, and he's a horrible human being -- I don't think that's helpful and is what social media has led us to; People getting on soap boxes and refusing to look at nuance, precedent, and larger societal issues as a reasonable and intelligent adult would."

-- Clay Travis.

Kareem Hunt went from one of the league’s most elite players to an untouchable outcast in matter of minutes with TMZ’s release of a hotel video showing the Pro Bowl running back getting into a dispute with a young woman that showed dire visual evidence of Hunt shoving the girl and even kicking her at one point when she was on the ground.

The viral video has become one of the biggest sports stories of the year as shades of Ray Rice reared its ugly head again, but this time in a volatile social media era that has become far more cutthroat since Rice’s infamous actions in 2014.

Reactions towards Hunt have been overwhelmingly harsh, with many believing Hunt should receive the same grim fate as Rice, which ultimately turned out to be permanent banishment from the NFL.

But where does the onslaught end for Hunt, who was arguably the NFL’s best running back? Clay Travis believes it’s only going to take one offseason for last year’s leading rusher to find work again.

Clay says he would sign Hunt in a second if a team can properly vet Hunt beyond this video, and get him to acknowledge an absolute zero tolerance policy going forward. Clay thinks the unsettling footage is obviously distressing but says the NFL has already set a clear precedent of accepting players who have already been accused of far worse crimes, with Joe Mixon and Tyreek Hill as the most notable. Mixon was seen on video punching out a girl in college, even breaking bones in her face. Hill was once charged with beating up and strangling his pregnant girlfriend… Yet both superstars will be on the field this weekend.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay says the media needs to move off this ‘Outrage Culture’ of trying to be the first ones to denounce anyone behaving poorly in the most needlessly severe fashion possible, and instead, be an intelligent adult and evaluate stories by more than just a headline.

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