Why Isn't Derrick Henry a Superstar?

“Derrick Henry is a physical freak but he’s not a prototypical power back. He’s a home run hitter, but the challenge of a home run hitter is sometimes you just need a guy to get a single... If you can’t rely on singles, it’s hard to keep giving the guy the ball that many times."

-- Clay Travis.

Derrick Henry is one of the most talented running backs in the NFL and certainly a unicorn physical specimen of his generation, but for all the extreme gifts the former Heisman Trophy winner possesses, it’s fascinating when you look at how underwhelming Henry’s career in the NFL has been.

After watching Henry's unbelievable performance on Thursday Night Football, including his role in arguably the greatest run in league history, many people were probably shocked when they looked up Henry’s career stats and saw he had posted two full seasons averaging way under 1,000 yards, rushing for 490 and 5 TDs his rookie season, and 744 and 5 TD’s last season.

Henry split carries with former All-Pro Demarco Murray in those seasons, and continues to split carries with dynamic pass-catching back Dion Lewis this season.

Listen to the audio below as Clay Travis discusses Henry’s disappointing career and explains why the 6’3, 250-pound monster ball carrier has been such a dud for the vast majority of his short career.

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