Why Can't NFL's Most Dominant Franchise Win in Miami?

"I would rather go play in Green Bay in December than Miami in December. When you play in a cold-weather city you pack on a layer of winter fat and are not in the kind of cardiovascular fitness that you were in the summer."

-- Mark Schlereth.

After one of the greatest endings in NFL history that saw the Miami Dolphins shock the Patriots on a miraculous hook and ladder touchdown play at the buzzer, New England dropped to 1-5 in their 6 trips to Miami in one of the sport’s most bizarre anomalies.

Listen to former Super Bowl Champion Mark Schlereth describe to Clay Travis why one of America’s most desirable vacation destinations is actually one of the most feared road games on the calendar for many NFL players, and how New England’s unfathomable futility in Miami isn’t an aberration. 

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