Ranking The Best to Worst Coaching Vacancies in the NFL

Clay Travis ranks the 8 available NFL head coaching positions!

  1. Cleveland Browns - If a coach can connect with Baker Mayfield, there's a lot of opportunity for success. 
  2. New York Jets - Down the stretch, Sam Darnold was fantastic...The Jets have a ton of cap room.
  3. Green Bay Packers - Has one of the historically great quarterbacks but there are health concerns.
  4. Arizona Cardinals - If you believe Josh Rosen is going to be good, then the Cardinals could be a decent job. The right coach could lead to solidifying Rosen.
  5. Denver Broncos - Not sold on Case Keenum but the roster is solid on the defensive side of the ball. A good young quarterback in the draft could make this job better.
  6. Cincinnati Bengals - When Andy Dalton comes back the team should improve. Talent isn't awful... 
  7. Miami Dolphins - Uncertainty in the quarterback position. 
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Worst coaching opportunity due to lack of faith in Jameis Winston.

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