Sorry But Lamar Jackson is Tim Tebow

“Lamar Jackson in 2018 is Tim Tebow in 2011.”

-- Clay Travis.

After posting a 7.5 QBR on Sunday vs. the Los Angeles Chargers, Clay Travis thinks Lamar Jackson’s historically rotten performance in Baltimore’s Wildcard loss was a terrible sign for a franchise who has effectively given the keys of their franchise to the former Heisman Trophy winner who went 6-1 as an NFL starter heading into the postseason.

Jackson had a 0.0 passer rating through three quarters, including an under 50% completion percentage for the game, 7 sacks, and three fumbles, before inflating his numbers late in the game against a prevent defense.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay called the NFL a ‘third down and eight league’ and says the most successful QB’s in football have to have the ability to THROW for first downs in this tricky predicament and says Jackson is going to struggle mightily in those situations for the rest of his career. 

Sorry But Lamar Jackson is Tim Tebow

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