Eric Reid's Lie Was Embarrassing

“HEY KNUCKLEHEADS – The NFL Players Association issuing a statement WITH the NFL means that Eric Reid is a LIAR. The NFLPA is the organization that sues the NFL all the time when they violate player rights.”

-- Clay Travis.

Listen to Clay Travis blast Eric Reid after the NFL and NFLPA made revelations that Reid’s claims of being unfairly targeted for random drug tests were completely fabricated.

Reid, of course, is infamously known for his ongoing collusion case against the NFL that claims the league intentionally blackballed Reid and Colin Kaepernick because they knelt during the National Anthem.

After signing with Carolina in late September, Reid would go on to publicly lambast the league in the ensuing weeks, making claims that the NFL was ‘randomly’ drug testing him an exorbitant amount of times, and maliciously going out of their way to try and screw him over.

The NFL and NFLPA finally had to issue a joint statement, releasing a report that would show Reid had greatly embellished the number of times he had been tested, and that Reid was never tested more than the average player.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay says he’s sick of Eric Reid’s lies and says it’s time the media stop bringing this guy up unless it's to expose his deception.

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