Michael Bennett is a Bully


Listen to Clay Travis blast Michael Bennett for getting in the face of an NFL cameraman after Philadelphia’s 20-14  Divisional Round playoff loss in New Orleans, as Bennett appeared to take exception to the man filming the Eagles defensive end while he walked off the field towards the visitor's locker room.

Clay says it’s just another black eye to the career of Bennett, who is continuing a run of strange extra-curriculars that first began with Bennett’s role in a security bust at a Las Vegas casino in August of 2017.

During the incident, Bennett claimed police officers racially profiled him and used excessive force in temporarily restraining and questioning him during a strange melee that began when witnesses heard gunshots outside a nearby Vegas night club.

Las Vegas police released body cam footage from the incident that didn’t corroborate Bennett’s story and said they only detained Bennett because he was seen sprinting from the scene where the gunshots were reported.

Clay says Bennett lied about the incident to incite racial divineness and stir up publicity towards the upcoming release of his book titled ‘Things That Make White People Uncomfortable.' 

In March of 2018, a warrant was issued for Bennett’s arrest after he allegedly injured an elderly paraplegic woman working security at Super Bowl 51, played in February of 2017. Bennett was trying to enter a closed section of the stadium to reach his brother, Martellus, who played for the Patriots.

Bennett allegedly dropped 'You all must know who I am' and 'I’m going down to the field, whether you like it or not' lines tp the security and then pushed the handicapped woman over, knocking the 66-year-old woman into his motorized scooter and spraining her shoulder.

Clay says Sunday's run-in with a cameraman doesn’t surprise him at all, and wants to know why the media goes out of their way to protect a guy who has come under fire ON the field as well, as Bennett has tried cheap tactics during last minute kneel down plays as he's attempted to dive at the legs of centers trying to snap the football.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay says it’s laughable that a guy who was once a candidate for the NFL’s Man of the Year award is so protected by the mainstream media.

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