Dan Patrick Reacts to Kyler Murray's Awkward Interview (Video)

Dan Patrick took some time to look back and reflect on what happened during that awkward interview he had with Kyler Murray. Here are a few of his thoughts:

Of all the interviews that we did, I got more attention from an interview where somebody didn't say anything than all the other interviews that we had at the Super Bowl. They're like, 'What was up with Kyler Murray?' I'm like, 'I don't know.'
He got bad advice, I think. Because if I have a product and let's say he's a two sports star, let's say he's a star quarterback in the NFL, I would think twice about letting him be a spokesperson because you should have had a game plan going into that. You know what we're gonna ask you about. You know those questions are coming.
Have some fun, show some personality, and you're selling Gatorade.
I have valuable real estate here on my show, and you are taking up that valuable real estate by not saying anything.

Listen to the full reaction below:

Watch the interview Kyler Murray had with Dan Patrick below: