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Tom Izzo Under Fire For Screaming at Player

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why it’s getting a little laughable that in the year 2019, college coaches are making front page news for… yelling at their players…

Hall of Fame Michigan State coach Tom Izzo is getting put through the ringer Friday after a heated exchange between him and Spartans forward Aaron Henry after a defensive lapse from the freshman in MSU’s close victory over 15-seed Bradley on Thursday. Izzo is seen animatedly yelling at Henry in the team’s huddle after a timeout to where Spartans players had to separate the two.

Colin doesn’t really see a story here and wonders when coaches berating players in an emotional in-game situation suddenly became frowned up.

Check out the audio below as Colin believes this is simply what loving families do: they have constructive battles with one another that shows how LOVE works in relationships, where sometimes you have to butt heads every now and then to ultimately achieve harmony.

Tom Izzo Under Fire For Screaming at Player