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LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand Got Taken Advantage Of

When the Ball family entered the scene and brought with it the infamous Big Baller Brand that had the ridiculously priced shoes, it felt like a cartoon in that it was unreal. LaVar Ball was this larger than life character with claims so bold it actually caused some division among people who comment on the sports news of the day. Some people felt his business aspirations were something to marvel at. They felt he was a visionary attempting to topple the big businesses like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour or Puma. Others thought the man was crazy and it's easy to take that route considering all the antics surrounding LaVar and his two sons that have yet to make it to the pros.

Now the news drops that Lonzo is walking away from Big Baller Brand after longtime business partner and family friend Alan Foster allegedly took up to $1.5 million that was meant for Lonzo. New news even dropped stating that there are discussions to fold Big Baller Brand and any other association with Alan Foster.

Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor react to this news with only sympathy. While it's easy to beat a bold man like LaVar when he's down, he was taken advantage of, and Colin wouldn't wish that on ANYONE.

LaVar Ball & Big Baller Brand Got Taken Advantage Of