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Lavar Ball Says Son LaMelo Will Not Play College Basketball

Over the weekend LaVar Ball announced that . LaVar Ball was asked by Olgun Uluc about LaMelo Ball's plans following this season for SPIRE with

“I’m going to let you know the plan know so everyone can just stop. With college, I already knew what they were about to do. ‘We’re going to investigate, we’re not going to let him play until we let him play, LaVar. We’re not going to let you do all that big mouth talking and then we’re going to hold him back and a whole year goes by.’ The G League … I’m not going to let no 28, 29-year-old dudes tee off on him. He’s trying to make a name for himself, so he’s definitely going overseas … to either Australia or China.”

LaMelo had been weighing the options of the G League or a postgrad prep school program but given the troubles surrounding Big Baller Brand lately, playing overseas sounded like the most appealing option to LaMelo Ball.

Photo: Getty Images