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Michele Roberts, NBPA Defend Kristaps Porzingis Amid Rape Allegations

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the developing story around NBA superstar player Kristaps Porzingis being tied to rape allegations and the surprising fallout that has actually seen the NBA’s Players Association publicly stand by the 7’3” All-Star.

The former New York Knick who was traded to the Dallas Mavericks in February is the target of an ongoing NYPD investigation that alleges that Porzingis pinned down and raped a young woman, then proceeded to strike her in the face, spit on her, and call her his ‘slave’ and ‘b*tch’ after the two engaged in sexual intercourse.

The woman apparently came forward when Porzingis failed to follow through with the $68,000 in ‘hush money’ that the NBA star allegedly offered her to pay for her brother’s college tuition.

The allegations are unsubstantiated yet still holding water, which surprised Clay that the NBPA, led by female Michele Roberts, was so stern in their defense of Porzingis, releasing a statement that read ‘We have been aware of these allegations for some time, have evaluated the accuser's claims, and based on what is presently before us, stand with Kristaps.’

Check out the audio below as Clay says he was shocked by the statement considering the uber penetrating effect of the #MeToo movement in modern public opinion, and wonders if a high ranking executive could have gotten away with similar comments discounting allegations from a woman if they had happened to be by a man and not from female Michele Roberts.

Michele Roberts, NBPA Defend Kristaps Porzingis Amid Rape Allegations