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John Calipari Played Kentucky and UCLA like a Fiddle

Listen to Clay Travis explain why Monday’s news of Kentucky coach John Calipari receiving a lifetime contract from the school is one of the most ridiculous coaching negotiations he’s ever seen from a notorious college sports program.

Calipari was already the highest paid coach in college basketball, but UCLA tried to woo the NCAA’s best recruiter with the allure of Los Angeles and the program with the richest, albeit dated, history.

In the end, Kentucky restructured a deal that will pay him every season until he retires and then in an ambassador role with the university for the rest of his life.

Check out the audio below as Clay finds it comical that Kentucky would cave to the bogus ‘threat’ of Calipari going to UCLA when UCLA was offering him less money for a program with inferior facilities to UK’s and confined in a state with a far higher cost of living.

John Calipari Played Kentucky and UCLA like a Fiddle