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College Basketball Fan Turns 14 Cent NCAA Tournament Bet into $1,300

This might just be one of the best bets in betting history.

In an interview with Dave Purdum, Kevin Maselli from New Jersey shares a story about how he took a 14-cent bet and turned that into a little over $1,300 in the first weekend of the 2019 NCAA tournament.

The way he did that is he used DraftKings to put down a 14-cent parlay that had a 10,000-1 odds on different point spreads and over-under pics for the seven of eight games during the first Saturday of the tournament.

Kentucky and Michigan covered the spread, with both games staying under the total. Michigan State, Florida State, Baylor and Purdue all came through for Maselli. The parlay would be decided by Auburn-Kansas, and he needed the Tigers -1.5 plus the game to go over 146.5 points.
“By the 12-minute mark, I started pacing,” Maselli recalled. “At the 4-minute mark, Auburn was in control, but I didn’t really believe it. I told my girlfriend and she didn’t believe it, either. I was in shock.”

After Auburn took down Kansas, he knew then he just won over $1,300 in one of the most improbable ways.

Photo: Getty Images