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Lonzo Ball Sueing Big Baller Brand Co-Founder for Fraud

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball filed a lawsuit against Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster on Tuesday according several reports.

Many outlets reported late Tuesday that Ball is alleging fraud and seeking to recoup more than $2 million from Foster, who Ball fired late last month. Ball claims Foster "conspired to embezzle millions of dollars and then divert those funds for his personal use, including to acquire assets in Ethiopia," according to ESPN.

The lawsuit was reportedly filed to Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday night, but has not been processed or uploaded as of yet.

The Ball family did not know that Alan Foster had a criminal past behind him. Foster met the Ball family not long after being released from prison for his role in the 2002 financial scheme. Foster was already facing the financial crimes charges when he was found guilty in Los Angeles County on a 1999 citation for carrying a concealed handgun without a license.

Photo: Getty Images