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Russell Westbrook Drops 20-20-20 in Dedication to Nipsey Hussle

It's well known that the dynamics of Russell Westbrook's game knows no boundaries, especially since Kevin Durant left, as he's able to put up triple-doubles with ease. He's had so much practice that even with more talent surrounding the core of the Oklahoma City Thunder lately, he still manages to bring those numbers up should the game call for it.

Last night, what Russell Westbrook achieved not only shined a light on his immense talent but also his compassion. Very recently, renown music artist Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed three days ago. Much of the world has poured out their condolences and Westbrook decided to put together his own special dedication dropping 20-20-20 on the stat sheet against the Los Angeles Lakers. 20 points, 21 assists and 20 rebounds to be exact.

Russell Westbrook talks about it in the clip below.

It's been explained that 20+20+20=60 which is in reference to the Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips of Los Angeles who Nipsey had been a part of.