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Tyler Dunne Talks 'What Happened in Green Bay' Article

There's a saying that there are two sides to every story. An interview with former Green Bay Packers head coach, Mike McCarthy was released where he talked about his departure from the team and the challenge of working with superstar quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Today a giant article dropped by Bleacher Report essentially blew the McCarthy-Rodgers break-up wide open. The story was comprised of interviews with players, coaches, and personnel who spent time in Green Bay and their accounts seem to reveal that Rodgers and McCarthy are equally responsible for the Packers lack of success.

The writer of this article, Tyler Dunne, spoke with Doug Gottlieb about the details of what was revealed and what this information says about the difficulties of Rodgers and McCarthy's relationship in Green Bay.

Tyler Dunne Talks "What Happened in Green Bay" Article