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Announcer Who Bashed James Harden Says Harden's Numbers Are 'Inflated'

Don MacLean joins the Petros and Money show to react to the criticism about his James Harden comments and talks UCLA coaching search.

Only one sentence of a 2 hour and 20 minute broadcast was plucked out and put on the internet. For years I have been saying it and it has nothing to do with James Harden personally and I think I am entitled to that opinion.
The guys angle was, I was just pissed the Clippers were losing. By no means would i EVER attack somebody, give different analysis, do anything other than my regular analysis other than the game am I calling. That's the only part that pissed me off about this whole thing. People don't know me because I have always felt this way.
I think 'manipulating' was a better word 'cheating' wasn't the right word but what I was getting at is his is inflated numbers are done by cheating the way the normal game is played. It's not like every team plays this way, nobody plays this way the Rockets are the only team so of course James Harden are going to average 36 points and take 13 3's a game and celebrate this game.

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