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Magic Johnson's Disastrous Front Office Tenure Started Years Ago

Listen to longtime NBA insider Ric Bucher join The Herd to talk Magic Johnson’s freefall in the Los Angeles Lakers front office that Bucher says started way before the botched Anthony Davis trade that triggered the complete second half deterioration of the team.

Bucher says the D’Angelo Russell trade was a massive blow to the franchise and not just because Russell would go on to have back-to-back career seasons with the Nets, including leading them to the 2019 postseason and earning a trip to the All-Star Game. Magic was critical of Russell’s leadership abilities and literally called him out on to the press moments after the trade with the Nets was made. Bucher says that didn’t sit well with NBA players, which greatly damaged their standing in free agency.

Bucher also details the sour relationship between Magic and Rob Pelinka and how it was an awkward mismatch from the very beginning.

Check out the audio below as Bucher discusses the immediate future of the team and how trading LeBron seems viable, but a scenario that isn’t even an option because of the immense collateral damage it would cause.

Magic Johnson's Disastrous Front Office Tenure Started Years Ago