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Nick Bosa Deletes Pro-Donald Trump, Anti-Colin Kaepernick Tweets

Listen to Clay Travis comment on a recent story of former Ohio State standout Nick Bosa openly admitting that he scrubbed his Twitter account of every pro-Donald Trump and anti-Colin Kaepernick tweet that he has sent out in the past because of the possibility that he might be drafted by a 49ers franchise within an extremely left-leaning San Francisco.

Clay thinks it’s scary that as a society we are now seeing conservative athletes having to censure their political beliefs just to avoid persecution from the opposing side.

Clay explains why there’s a glaring double standard when it comes to conservative and liberal athletes. Clays says he couldn't ever imagine a Bernie Sanders supporting NFL Draft prospect deleting all tweets supporting Sanders just because there was a high probability that he was going to be drafted by a team in a right-leaning state.

Check out the audio below as Clay says deleting dated tweets from the past that include obscene & explicit language is one thing, but removing tweets that simply show support for a current president is next level absurdity.

Nick Bosa Deletes Pro-Donald Trump, Anti-Colin Kaepernick Tweets