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Jeanie Buss is the Worst Female Owner in Sports History

Listen to Rob Parker explain why Jeanie Buss, not Magic Johnson, needs to take all the blame for arguably the most embarrassing season in franchise history that has seen the NBA’s most glamourous franchise turn into the butt of every joke around the league.

Rob has another acronym for all ya’ll. First there was LeBron James as the F.F.O.A.T. – Finals Failure of All Time. Then there was Tom Brady as the L.O.A.T. – Luckiest of All Time. And now we have Jeanie Buss as the W.F.O.A.T. – Worst Female Owner of All Time.

Check out the audio below as Rob explains why he would even rather have infamous former late Reds owner Marge Schott than Jeanie.

Jeanie Buss Should Shoulder All the Blame For the Lakers Freefall