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Former Marine Collapses and Crawls to Finish Line Of Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon runner and United States Marine by the name Micah Herndon proved that no matter what, you are never out of the race.

A little after the three hour and thirty minute mark of the Boston Marathon, Herndon saw the finish line in sight and suddenly collapsed to his feet. Herndon then got to his knees and started crawling in the last portion of the race and made sure he finished it off no matter what.He spoke with The Record-Courier about the last portion of the race and why he could never give up.

“I run in honor of them,” Herndon said. “They are not here anymore. I am here, and I am able. I am lucky to still have all my limbs. I can still be active. I find fuel in the simple idea that I can run. Some cannot.
“If I get a heat cramp while running or my feet hurt or I am getting exhausted, I just keep saying their names out loud to myself. They went through much worse, so I run for them and their families.”

He finishes the race in three hours and thirty minutes.

Photo: Screenshot Twitter @dana_gio6