Russell Westbrook is a Deteriorating Player Whose Talents Are Obsolete

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he feels sorry for Russell Westbrook a night after the Oklahoma City Thunder were bludgeoned by the Portland Trailblazers in a Game 2 that saw Westbrook shoot 5 of 20 from the field.

Colin says Westbrook’s greatest talents as a relentless slasher are nearly obsolete in the modern NBA that has now essentially become a three-point shooting and free throw contest… The two biggest weaknesses of Westbrook’s game (29.0% from three, 65.6% from the foul line in ’18-’19).

Check out the audio below as Colin thinks Westbrook’s overall value has monumentally deteriorated in the last few seasons as the league has simply left Westbrook behind in the same fashion it completely phased out centers the past decade.

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