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It's Hard to Sell an NBA Star on the Idea of Playing in Toronto

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the highly anticipated Summer of 2019 in the eyes of Kawhi Leonard as the game’s best two-way player is coming up on free agency.

Leonard is arguably the biggest prize on the open market and will vastly alter the NBA title projections for 2020, but should the former Finals MVP remain on a 58-win Raptors team equipped with plenty of weapons around him or jump at the idea of ‘going home’ and playing for the Lakers or Clippers?

Colin thinks it’s an impossible scenario to see Kawhi remaining in Toronto and explains why they’ll be hard-pressed to EVER land a free agent of Kawhi’s ilk.

Check out the audio below as Colin predicts the Clippers will ultimately win the Kawhi sweepstakes.

It's Hard to Sell an NBA Player on the Idea of Playing in Toronto