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Warriors Sent Tapes to NBA Complaining About Patrick Beverley's Defense

Patrick Beverley has always been known for his suffocating defense and intensity throughout his career.

In this series between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers, Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley have clashed to the point where the two eventually got ejected after receiving two technicals with 20 seconds left in Game 3.

According to Nick Wright from the Fox show "First Things First," Wright said that the Warriors send tape to the league complaining about the illegal defense played by Patrick Beverley.

The Warriors team, the organization sent the NBA a bunch of clips leading up to Game 3 of what they think is Patrick Beverley holding, clutching, grabbing.. pushing.

Prior to Game 3,Durant openly talked to CBS Sports about Patrick Beverley being a "pest" and was concerned about the style of defense the Clippers play.

"They're playing a gimmick defense which has been working," Durant said of the Clippers. "Top-locking everything on the perimeter, so guys are not even looking at the 3-point line, they're just forcing guys inside the 3-point line. So for us, when I get the ball in my spots, I got a pest, Patrick Beverley, who is up underneath me -- who I can definitely shoot over the top and score every time if it's a one-on-one situation.

Photo: Getty Images