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The Top 10 Worst Contracts in Professional Sports

Listen to Colin Cowherd rank the Top 10 worst ongoing contracts in American sports.

10. Kirk Cousins: "Solid player, but isn't a Top 15 quarterback."

9. Chris Davis: "He just went 0 for 54 and is literally batting .200 since his contract."

8. Trent Brown: "Highest paid lineman in NFL history and I'm not sure he's even the Raiders best lineman."

7. Bobby Bonilla: "He's making $1.2 million a year and hasn't played baseball since 2001..."

6. Russell Westbrook: "Biggest contract in NBA history and haven't made it past the first round since Kevin Durant."

5. Albert Pujols: "They signed him when he was OLD and past his prime."

4. Miguel Cabrera: "He's hit 19 home runs TOTAL the last 3 years!"

3. Jon Gruden: "Biggest deal ever on one of the poorest NFL teams."

2. John Wall: "He's hurt all the time and will never be the same player."

1. Jacoby Ellsbury: "He hasn't even played since 2017!"

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The Top 10 Worst Contracts in Professional Sports