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Kyler Murray Reportedly Scores 20 on Wonderlic Test

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the infamous Wonderlic test as the intelligence exam that has often captivated social media in prickly ways continues be one of the weirdest NFL Draft talking points in the hours leading up to the big night.

Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray reportedly performed the poorest among the notable quarterback prospects two days before he’s expected to be selected no. 1 by the Arizona Cardinals.

The test has almost been met with much derision, as not only for its debatable significance but the fashion in which the supposedly ‘confidential’ testing materials are ALWAYS leaked to media members year after year.

Check out the audio below as Clay says there are indeed parallels between Super Bowl winning quarterbacks and high Wonderlic test results, and argues that an intelligence test in a modern NFL era with its most intricate offenses in league history should be used as a tool in selecting franchise quarterbacks.

Kyler Murray Reportedly Scores 20 on Wonderlic Test