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LeBron James Shuts Down Dave McMenamin ESPN Headline on Live IG Video

In the past month for the Lakers, they abruptly lost their President of Basketball Operations in Magic Johnson and Luke Walton has agreed to part ways with the team leaving them with a coaching vacancy.

According to Dave McMenamin, he suggested that LeBron James' trust with the franchise has been damaged.

“I think the trust that LeBron James has in the organization has been damaged. Right now, it’s a tough bridge that has fallen that’s going to need to be put back together. Whoever’s involved there’s going to have to be an initial thing proven w/ the coach and free agency.”

Just a few hours after, LeBron James took to Instagram and voiced his opinion the reports that his relationship is fractured with the Lakers.

It is very certain that everything is all good with LeBron James in Lakerland. Right now, the Lakers are searching for a coach and have already interviewed Jason Kidd, Tyronn Lue, and Monty Williams according to reports.

Photo: Getty Images