New NBA Logo Should be Damian Lillard or Steph Curry Launching a Three

Listen to Colin Cowherd comment on a soundbite Paul George produced Tuesday night at the Oklahoma City Thunder’s press conference moments after Damian Lillard’s unbelievable 37-foot three-pointer ended the series.

George, one of the best on-ball defenders in the NBA, called Lillard’s step-back heave a ‘bad shot’, and was content with his coverage. Colin, however, says he thinks Steph Curry forever changed the way we look at shot selection and said Lillard’s chuck wasn’t a ‘bad’ shot, but a ‘NEW’ shot, where almost ANYTHING is in range in a player’s repertoire nowadays.

Check out the audio below as Colin thinks Steph bombing an off-balance three-pointer should literally be the NBA’s next logo.

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