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Angry Deer Get College Baseball Game Postponed

A college baseball game between Case Western Reserve University and Brandeis University had to be briefly halted after three deer jumped over the right-field fence at Nobby’s Ballpark in Cleveland, Ohio.

The game was in the bottom of the first inning when the trio of deer started making their way across the outfield. The deer got to left field and realized they could not jump over the taller outfield fence. Some of the players ran over so they could open a gate in the fence to let the deer out, but the movement startled them, and they scampered back to right field where they jumped back over the short wall in foul territory.

Once play resumed, Case Western Reserve University got a base hit to score their second run in what would eventually be a 6-0 victory. The two teams played a second game, which was not interrupted by wildlife, and Brandeis University won that game by a score of 7-5.