The Glaring Double-Standard Between Trace McSorley and Lamar Jackson

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks last year’s Draft ‘controversy’ over NFL teams asking Louisville’s Lamar Jackson to try out for other positions looks so much more absurd now considering Penn State’s Trace McSorley just went through the exact same process.

A handful of scouts and GM’s around the league came under fire when it was revealed they wanted electric dual-threat quarterback Lamar Jackson to run the 40 yard dash and do WR drills at the NFL Combine. Despite Jackson running for over 4,000 yards while at UL, detractors said it was ‘racist’ of teams to want Jackson, a black quarterback who had just won the Heisman, to consider a position switch, and countered with asking 'Why they didn’t ask Wyoming QB Josh Allen, a white quarterback, to try out for tight end??'

Well, a year later an identical scenario played out with the Baltimore Ravens asking decorated white quarterback Trace McSorley, who threw for over 10,000 yards and 77 TD's while at Penn State, to consider playing defensive back.

After drafting McSorley in the sixth round the Ravens publicly lauded his athleticism and called him a ‘football player’ with a wide variety of talents that could help the team all over the field.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb says the deserved compliments were all fine and dandy, but says they would have been considered RACIST if the same exact things would had been said about Lamar Jackson last year.

The Glaring Double-Standard Between Trace McSorley and Lamar Jackson

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