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Hank Haney's Controversial Women's US Golf Open Prediction Comes True

Listen to Clay Travis comment on a developing story around women’s golf that came to an ironic boil when South Korean Jeongeun Lee6 won the U.S. Women’s Open over the weekend.

Renown swing coach Hank Haney, notorious for his work with Tiger Woods during the prime years of Woods’ career came under fire earlier in the week when he made a tongue-and-cheek prediction on his SiriusXM PGA Tour radio show that a ‘Korean named Lee’ would win the US Open.

Eight of the top 15 players in the world are currently from South Korea and six Korean women in the Top 100 of the rankings have a last name of ‘Lee.’

Haney was criticized in many circles for the comments that were deemed ‘insensitive’ and the PGA Tour made a statement distancing themselves from Haney and that said they’re committed to increasing the diversity of their sport.

SiriusXM suspended Haney’s show and national columnist Christine Brennan even penned an article in the USA Today saying Haney should be banned from every golf course in the United States.

Well, things got awkward when a Korean named Lee ended up winning the tournament… Just as Haney had predicted.

Jeongeun Lee6, legally added the number 6 to the end of her name because of the fact there’s six other women on the tour named Lee.

Haney apologized earlier in the week for the remarks, but took to Twitter after Lee’s victory to jokingly call himself ‘The Great Predictor, but added that he’d make the same prediction again given the fact South Korea has established such an elite golf product in the women’s game.

After a string of critical tweets of Haney by Christine Brennan’s official Twitter account, the outspoken Haney critic went radio silent after Lee6’s victory through Sunday & most of Monday and has yet to tweet about Sunday's results.again

Listen to the audio below as Clay rips Brennan apart and calls out the social media mobs who attacked Haney for what Clay calls a fake controversy that lacks any real racism or sexism. Clay says we need to stop this tired narrative of a select view perpetually outraged individuals on Twitter always driving a false reality of what the American public actually represents when it comes to an innocuous story like this one.

Hank Haney's Controversial Women's US Golf Open Prediction Comes True