Jay Glazer Ranks Baker Mayfield Above Russell Wilson on Franchise QB List

“Jay Glazer is now officially banned from our show because this was one of his answers!” -- Colin Cowherd

Listen to Colin Cowherd vehemently disagree with NFL insider Jay Glazer after the animated reporter who has historically been one of the wisest and most connected insiders in the NFL held a mail bag segment with ‘The Athletic’ that asked Jay how many franchise quarterback he would put ahead of Baker Mayfield at the moment.

Glazer listed Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Andrew Luck, and Deshaun Watson, but then went out of his way to clarify that the list ends there, and he wouldn’t even rank former Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson ahead of the 24-year-old Cleveland Browns quarterback.

Check out the audio below as Colin wants Jay to PUMP THE BRAKES and says Wilson is one of the most underappreciated athletes in sports much like Steph Curry.

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