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NBA Considering Banning the Term 'Owner' Because of Racial Connotations

Listen to Clay Travis comment on a developing story that alleges the NBA has had internal discussions about getting rid of the term ‘owner’ when talking about the owners of franchises because of its racial connotations towards slavery in a majority African-American league.

Teams like the 76ers and Clippers have already made their own amends by referring to their owners as the ‘chairman’, but the quandary has come to the forefront again with some active players like Draymond Green even voicing their displeasure in the word.

Clay thinks this is one of the most ridiculous ‘controversies’ of 2019 and said he didn’t think this was a real story when he first saw it on being reported on by TMZ Sports and Bleacher Report.

He said he finds it comical the NBA is wasting its resources on something a miniscule amount of people find offensive, and said the league should be worrying about its teetering Finals ratings without LeBron James instead of going full WOKE on a story that is more about the lack of intelligence towards the English language than it is the term being considered ‘racist’.

Check out the audio below as Clay says it shouldn’t be too difficult to realize the distinction between the idea of business ownership & employing labor through contracts and owning people.

NBA Considering Banning the Term 'Owner' Because of Racial Connotations