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MLB Position Player Comes into Blowout Showcasing Some Funky Deliveries

Milwaukee Brewers fans had nothing to cheer about as the Miami Marlins came to bat in the top of the 9th inning with a 16-0 lead. Brewers utility player Hernan Perez wanted to change that and decided to have some fun when he was called in to pitch.

Perez took the mound and did a little shimmy before throwing his first pitch, a 70 mile per hour strike. The shimmy didn't help him on the second pitch as he missed outside with a 66 mile per hour fastball. On his third pitch, he got Brian Anderson to pop out to first base.

When Martin Prado came to the plate, Perez showed off another move, this time going with a high, straight leg kick. He managed to get Prado to pop out to first base as well, this time on just two pitches. Perez's goofy mechanics didn't seem to fool Harold Ramirez, who ripped a 4-seam fastball that would have been a base hit if not for a fantastic play by shortstop Orlando Arcia.

After the game,Perez was asked where he got the inspiration for his moves on the mound.

"It was in the sixth inning, we were losing by a lot, and I thought I was going to pitch and I went to YouTube to see some crazy mechanics pitching," Perez explained.

The Brewers utility man is no stranger to pitching. He has taken the mound six times in his career and has not given up a run in five of those appearances. However, he does have a career earned run average of 7.11 because he allowed five runs against the Los Angeles Dodgers last season.

Perez said that he is glad to have lightened up the mood a bit following the blowout loss, and hopes the team can bounce back in their next game against the Marlins.

"I think everybody enjoys what I did. That's what I was trying to do, trying to forget all the struggles. Try to come tomorrow with another mentality and go get them."

Photo: Getty Images