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Steve Fisher Says He's Tired of People Saying Kawhi Leonard is Not a Leader

"Others saying he’s not a leader has always bothered me. I watched him with us at San Diego State and his greatest leadership qualities were leading by example. He never takes a play off in practice, and he also is someone that when you mess up as a teammate and do something wrong he’ll never give an outward display of displeasure. He ALWAYS has your back and players appreciate that. I’ve seen him in the locker room go over and put an arm around a guy and whisper something in his ear. Those kinds of qualities no one sees.” -- Steve Fisher, Kawhi Leonard's head coach at San Diego State.

Listen to former NCAA Tournament National Champion head coach Steve Fisher join The Herd to talk about his experience coaching superstar Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard while he was a standout player at San Diego State from 2010-2012.

Fisher is most remembered for his time at Michigan on their National Championship team in 1989 and even more so for his role as the head coach of the Fab Five team in the early 90’s. Fisher would later resurrect his career with the San Diego State Aztecs from 1999-2017.

Check out the audio below as Fisher details the two years Kawhi spent with the program, as the Kawhi led-2011 team went 34-3 and got to the Sweet Sixteen as the greatest team in San Diego State history. Fisher tells Colin why he’s tired of people saying Kawhi is not a great leader and explains why Leonard is an exceptional leader by example.

Steve Fisher Says He's Tired of People Saying Kawhi Leonard is Not a Leader