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Chris Broussard Says 2019 Summer is a Scary Crossroads for Knicks Franchise

Chris Broussard: 2019 Summer is a Scary Crossroads for the Knicks Franchise

Listen to Chris Broussard join The Herd to talk about the upcoming 2019 summer in the NBA that could be one of the most important free agent signing periods in the sports history.

The New York Knicks are rumored to be in the running for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Jimmy Butler, but sadly, they’ve been in the running for every free agent the last 20 years and failed to sign practically any of them.

Check out the audio above as Chris tells Colin Cowherd that is arguably the biggest summer in Knicks history, as this could be the last chance the team can sign a Hall of Fame caliber player this decade. Chris tells Colin that if this summer is ANOTHER failure, the team could literally just start accepting its fate as an Atlanta Hawks type franchise who can only get better in the draft and a team who will simply never attract free agent superstars.