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Clay Travis Says Kyle Lowry Needs to Stop Playing the Victim Card

Clay Travis Says Kyle Lowry Needs to Stop Playing the Victim Card

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks the country has lost their mind with the ongoing Kyle Lowry/Mark Stevens saga that has become arguably the biggest storyline of the NBA Finals as the Game 3 incident has been the league’s most notable talking point.

Kyle Lowry dove into the stands to save a ball along the sidelines and barreled over a sea of Warriors fans in a sequence that isn’t very uncommon in the NBA with the fans sitting so close to the action. But as Lowry attempted to remove himself from the pile up, a fan, who turned out being Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens, aggressively nudged Lowry away from him, causing Lowry to put his finger in the man’s face and call over the officials to eject him.

Stevens was identified the next day as the unruly fan and suddenly became a viral villain who people were demanding not only be banned for life from the NBA, but be faced to sell his shares with the Warriors.

Check out the audio above as Clay thinks this was a laughable overreaction by social media, who seems to always want the most punitive punishments imaginable for even the most mild chains of events. Clay says he didn’t find the ‘shove’ to be that big of a deal, and says it would be a much different narrative if the incident instead had occurred with Drake and Draymond Green.