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Klay Thompson Will Reportedly Appear in 'Space Jam 2' Movie

According to Jason McIntyre of Fox Sports Radio, LeBron James might have some top level NBA talent to join him in the movie Space Jam 2.

Lakers fans are going to be excited, that Klay Thompson is locked in to do Space Jam 2. I do believe an announcement will come out after the Finals that Klay Thompson is committed to Space Jam 2, he will be in the movie.

Klay Thompson was asked earlier this year by Anthony Slater what his favorite Michael Jordan story of all time was and he quickly pointed out the fact that Space Jam was an all time great.

"Favorite MJ story? Man, I don't know. My favorite MJ story is probably just Space Jam. I love that movie. That movie is timeless."

Space Jam 2 is scheduled as of right now to starting shooting in July start date with director Terence Nance, just weeks after the NBA Finals end.

Photo: Getty Images