Top Six Greatest Toronto Raptors Players of All Time

Top Six Greatest Toronto Raptors Players of All Time according to Chris Broussard:

6. Damon Stoudamire: “First Draft pick in the franchise’s history, 6’0” point guard who lit the league on fire in 1995 when he averaged 19 points & 9 assists and won Rookie of the Year.”

5. Kyle Lowry: “Was a role player his entire career but blossomed into a star when he was traded to Toronto. He’s made five All-Star games and has helped the team to the playoffs the last 6 seasons.”

4. Chris Bosh: “Future Hall of Famer in my book. Went to five All-Star games in seven seasons in Toronto and led them to the playoffs twice.”

3. DeMar DeRozan: “First American-born star to stay in Toronto during his prime years. Made four All-Star teams and led them to the Eastern Conference Finals.

2. Vince Carter: “Half-Man, half-amazing, he really put the franchise on the map after becoming arguably the greatest dunker in league history.”

1. Kawhi Leonard: “He’s only been there a brief time but I gotta go with Kawhi! Been a Raptor less than a year and has already led them to the Finals. They’ve never had a player who's been in the conversation for ‘BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD.’”

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