Chris Broussard: Kyrie Irving Should Stay in Boston, Recruit Anthony Davis

Chris Broussard: “The Boston Celtics need to be talking to Kyrie Irving going, ‘Look, Kyrie, we can get you Anthony Davis and compete for a championship NEXT YEAR. Why are you going to Brooklyn without AD or Kevin Durant?? From a BASKETBALL standpoint it makes no sense for Kyrie to leave the Celtics and go to Brooklyn if he’s not getting another star to go there with him. He’s going to a worse team and a worse franchise.”

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why he thinks Kyrie Irving should re-sign with the Boston Celtics, and discusses why the team could lure him back into their good graces if they can guarantee a scenario where they can acquire Anthony Davis in a trade in the coming weeks.

Check out the audio below as Chris thinks it makes no basketball sense for Kyrie to go play for an inferior Nets team who won’t have Kevin Durant next year, and says the Celtics could make an NBA Finals title run next season with both Kyrie and AD in Boston.

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