Cleveland Cavaliers Hiring of Lindsay Gottlieb Was a Puzzling Decision

Doug Gottlieb (No Relation) “What the hell are the Cavs doing?? Lindsay Gottlieb is a good coach and I get the NBA wants to have more diverse voices, but she has no background at all in coaching professional basketball, even at the women’s level. If you're going to surround John Beilein, this feels like the weirdest hire ever, doesn’t it? It’s one thing to hire someone whose worked their way up, been a scout, or has some NBA background, but to completely come from college basketball when your coach is already from college basketball... This is a weird one."

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why the Cleveland Cavaliers' hiring of former Cal Berkeley women's basketball head coach Lindsay Gottlieb (No Relation) was a puzzling one from a basketball standpoint, considering her complete lack of professional experience on a Cavs coaching staff headed by John Beilein, a guy who also has zero professional coaching experience.

Check out the full audio above.

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