Sorry Toronto Raptors Fans, Injuries Handed You an NBA Finals Championship

Colin Cowherd: “A lot of sportscasters aren’t gonna say it because they feel bad. Sorry how this is going to land in Canada but Toronto won because of injuries. I’m not in the credit business, that’s for Visa and Mastercard, I’m in the honesty business. INJURIES DECIDED THIS SERIES.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd be the bearer of bad news to Toronto fans after their Raptors knocked off the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to win their first ever championship while leveling the Warriors dynasty in the process.

Colin says it’s impossible to footnote these Finals as anything besides the INJURY FINALS, as two of the best players in basketball, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, both suffered infamously cataclysmic injuries during the series that will forever define the 2019 NBA Finals.

Check out the audio above as Colin says he’s not in the credit business, only the business for honesty, and says he's not going to rave over the Raptors crowning themselves this morning.

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