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Five US Open Fans Injured By Runaway Golf Cart, Two Major Injuries Reported

Five people were injured after a rogue golf cart barreled through a group of spectators at the U.S Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links. One victim suffered a spinal injury, and another person broke their arm. Both those patients were taken to the hospital, while the other three people who were hurt were treated for minor injuries.

Police say that the golf cart was parked near a group of vendors when a box fell and landed on the accelerator. The cart jolted toward the 16th hole as the crowd of onlookers scattered. Luckily, a bystander managed to jump onto the out of control vehicle and remove the box, bringing it to a stop.

“We were standing in the concession line on the 16th hole when all of a sudden there was a runaway cart and one guy running after it, then a bunch of people running after it,” Georgi Salant told “It was actually coming straight for the concession line and then it turned, just on its own, and it didn’t stop! It started driving in circles. It ran over like, five people.”

A video shared on Twitter captured the golf cart speeding toward the crowd.