Brooks Koepka is One of the Most Effortless Star Athletes in the World

Colin Cowherd: "Brooks Koepka has a Jordan, Ronaldo, Brady, Gretzky, and Federer feel to him… It looks effortless and everything looks easy for him. Not all stars are like that. I've seen LeBron struggle at multiple times in his career with his jump shot, low post game, and three-point game. It never felt effortless for LeBron, he’s just the NBA’s biggest freight train. Koepka is smooth, he can hit every shot, he gets out of trouble, and I don’t see nerves and has an ease of greatness.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Brooks Koepka is one of the smoothest athletes in the world and discusses why he thinks he has the unique ability to win at such an elite level and make it look so effortless.

Check out the audio above as Colin speaks glowingly of the US Open runner-up who now seems like a lock Top 5 finisher in every major.

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