Chris Mannix: Kyrie Irving Had No Relationship With Celtics' Young Players

Rob Parker: “What happened with Kyrie and Boston, and why did things go awry?”

Chris Mannix: “You can write a whole book on what went wrong because the season was basically a disaster from start to finish. His relationship with the young players on the roster was awful. Jaylen Brown he was probably the worst with, I don’t think it was great with Jayson Tatum, and it was awful with Terry Rozier because Terry was supplanted at a position he thought he did enough to win. That created a pretty nasty atmosphere. Kyrie’s leadership skills were lacking and he failed at it. He was the first player to be coached by Brad Stevens who didn’t really enjoy being coached by Brad Stevens and that relationship wasn’t solid.”

Listen to NBA insider Chris Mannix join The Odd Couple and discuss with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker why Kyrie Irving’s short tenure with the Boston Celtics turned out to be an absolute disaster.

Check out the audio above as Mannix explains why Kyrie failed as a leader and ultimately never established relationships with neither Brad Stevens nor the Celtics’ young core.

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