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Daryl Morey Says Rockets Are Not Trading Chris Paul, Denies Team Turmoil

Dan Patrick: “Is everyone available on the roster?”

Daryl Morey: “No, not Chris and James.”

Patrick: “So, no matter what anybody offers, Chris Paul and James Harden will be in the backcourt next year?”

Morey: “We were the best team down the stretch and spent a lot of time putting together two superstars and we’re trying to add a third. Going backwards from that doesn’t make a lot of sense for us.”

Patrick: “There were reports of turmoil and tension between James Harden and Chris Paul, do you agree that there was?”

Morey: “We have an extremely high level of competitors here, both James and Chris, Mike [D'Antoni], myself, and Tilman Fertitta and none of us are happy with where we’re at getting eliminated when we had a good chance to win the last couple years. When you do it multiple times in a row it’s going to create some anx where we're all trying to figure out how to take that last step and we’re not always going to agree.”

Listen to Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey join The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the rampant rumors of his team reportedly ready to clean house after their immensely disappointing second round exit at the hands of a Golden State Warriors team who had lost Kevin Durant to an Achilles injury in the third quarter of Game 5.

Check out the interview above as Morey tamps down the rumors that the team is trying to trade superstar point guard Chris Paul and also clarifies that there is no beef before Paul and the NBA's leading scorer James Harden.